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Our Story

92 Years of Experience
& Heritage

Our History

The principles and values by which we do business, are just as relevant today as they were in 1928 when our founder Kanji Hirji Shah first established the family business. He set about the trade selling utensils and household goods such as crockery & glassware. He would travel far and wide across the country on a frequent basis to meet customers personally and to take orders. Back then, many people had to get by with small means, working as hard as possible with next to nothing.

It was only after the 1980’s when due to improved trade policies in Kenya that the business had an opportunity to establish its own brand portfolio and partner with trusted brands such as Sunnex and Dualit. As per Kanji’s beliefs, the key features of any product must be defined by its functionality, iconic design and uncompromising quality.

Our brands / product ranges are suitable for a clientele market classified under two main segments :

      ● Professional Food Service

      ● Retail Consumer & Household

Today, and after four generations of heritage, we’re proud to be partnering with some of the strongest global brands in the Food Service & Kitchenware industry who innovate products on the shared beliefs that our founder, and we as a company hold dear.

Our full range of products comprises over 4500 items, mainly supplied to the HoReCa industry and the Retail Consumer market . Whilst one might not have heard of Kanji Hirji Shah as a front line key partner, we’re confident that you would have encountered any given number of our products either as a user at your favourite restaurant or hotel venue, or as a buyer through a leading retail outlet, a partnered catering distributor or via an e-commerce channel.

Our Ethos

KHS Quality

Lots of Companies talk about quality; for KHS, it is a fundamental part of our business ethos. Our importance and policy on quality exists to provide our employees and front line distribution partners with a framework that ensures they deliver on that promise to the end-customer.

Customer Service is our Number One Priority